We take great pride in managing all aspects of development. Brooklyn-born and bred, we know the terrain. Our clients are our neighbors. We know their stories. We know the neighborhood histories. Our collective future is our business. Watermark Capital Group’s dedicated real estate experts wisely identify prime opportunities for development . . . and we always make good on our plans.

Our experienced Investing, Development and Financing teams ensure high return investments on every property we develop.

Our expert Architecture and Design team’s renovation and conversion projects have, time and again, been catalysts for neighborhood revitalization.

Our detail-obsessed Construction teams have earned us a reputation for keeping promises. Working on budget and on deadline, every time, we spare no detail to develop properties with enduring value.

Our Marketing, Sales and Management teams know what our investors and residents need. Our Property Management team walks the properties regularly, ensuring that residents are satisfied with their homes and the range of amenities we provide.

Watermark Capital Group is building on a great tradition of New York real estate development for our time and many generations to come.

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Our experienced Investing, Development and Financing teams ensure high return investments on every Watermark Capital is a comprehensive real estate development firm headquartered in Brooklyn, NY that has revitalized several great, historic New York neighborhoods

We proudly own, finance, design, build and manage thousands of units in New York City, focusing principally on luxury conversions and renovations in our Brooklyn heartland.

Our collective communities, our shared history, our future potential drive us to invest in properties that have enduring value. Every investment is a labor of love. Together we are transforming neighborhoods and shaping New York for many generations to come.

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In 2005 Wolfe Landau and David Tabak became pioneers in the Bushwick marketplace by renovating old apartment buildings and converting them into high-end luxury apartment rentals.

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Insight & Intuition

At a time when most of the market was constructing condominium units to sell, Mr. Landau and Mr. Tabak made an investment decision to keep their buildings as rentals based on experience and insight about the New York City rental market.

Their wise decision has benefited investors and residents alike. As the condominium market headed south, the rental market has stayed strong and early investors in Watermark Capital Group have reaped the rewards.

In 2010, Shulem Kessler augmented the company’s offerings with architecture & interior design, joining the team as it continued to take shape.

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Investing Wisely

Pioneering another area of development, our growing team converted several historic but abandoned buildings into high-end apartment rentals.

By investing wisely – either purchasing the property outright or signing a 99-year ground lease – we maximized our investments while transforming each neighborhood with high quality development. Our team quickly earned a reputation as wise and insightful developers, and we became the envy of Brooklyn developers who have tried time and again to imitate our success.

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Complete Service

In 2012, we officially formed Watermark Capital Group to serve as an investment group, offering investors the opportunity to handle development from land purchase through to property management.

To date, Watermark Capital Group has renovated hundreds of properties. High quality construction and property management services means that our investors reap optimum benefit from each property. Units put on the market are quickly rented because of their locations, design, construction quality and building maintenance standards. We traffic in high quality apartments in high demand neighborhoods, finding new opportunities that excite our investors and our team of experts.

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Walking the Walk

Founded in 2006, Full Time Management officially becoming Watermark Capital Management in 2016 to provide optimal management services to the high-end, luxury properties owned by Watermark Capital Group.

The property management team commits to providing residents and investors with a uniquely personal level of service. A complete team of administrators and facilities managers ensures a high quality of value for a lifetime.

Our reputation precedes us. Years of successful development in our communities has shown local brokers that they can trust us to develop their land respectfully, professionally and for the good of the community. Brokers call us first, over hundred of competitors, when a property comes to market, which means we are offered first pick and the best possible deal. We leverage that good will to the benefit of our investors and clients. So when opportunities arise, we are often the first to know. Trust built through the years means success for all our partners.


Our visionary management team leads the way with knowledge, insight and impeccable taste.


Architecture & Design

Administrative Management

  • Joel Wercberger
  • Joel Spilman

Construction & Project Management

  • Shulem Sthroli


  • Jay Steinberg
  • Raizy Freund

Property Management

  • Joel Kohn, Founding Partner
  • Moshe Rosenberg