Graham Terrace


Originally designated a village in 1825, Williamsburg has slowly revealed itself as vital to the creative economy of New York City. From scrubland to manufacturing to a bustling, youthful downtown that draws people from around the world: Williamsburg is history and future.

Watermark Capital Group recognized an opportunity to save a neighborhood landmark – the art deco-style Rainbow Theater - and transform it for a new generation of residents.

As a converted mixed-use complex, the property now houses 56 high-end luxury apartments situated above ground floor retail shops. The two buildings are united by a delightful, private courtyard. As Williamsburg is its own rainbow theater, this property reflects the vast and diverse neighborhood constantly evolving around it.

  • Neighborhood

    East Williamsburg, Brooklyn

  • Size

    70,000 Sq. Ft. Residential
    17,500 Sq. Ft. Retail

  • Units

    56 Luxury Apartments
    Retail Space

  • Address

    167 Graham Avenue
    146 Meserole Street

  • Completed

    Summer 2014

  • Amenities:

    A Courtyard connects the two buildings, Rooftop, Gym, Lobby with a Lounge, Children's Area, Gaming Lounge and a Laundry Room


A gorgeous courtyard connects the two buildlings, which also include a gym, lobby with a lounge, children's area, gaming lounge and a laundry room to add luxury conveniences that make this property a sought-after destination.

Neighborhood: East Williamsburg, Brooklyn