David Tabak

David Tabak started his real estate career over fifteen years ago by managing properties for real estate owners. Over the course of his management, Mr. Tabak learned the real estate business thoroughly, including maintaining and repairing building conditions, navigating through all the various city agencies, making certain that all buildings follow agency guidelines, and screening applicants to find suitable tenants for each building.

Over the course of his management experience, Mr. Tabak came upon numerous real estate opportunities that he ventured into and started purchasing properties for himself, eventually starting his own management company that employs office staff, managers, apartment brokers, handymen, electricians, plumbers, and carpenters. Mr. Tabak currently manages a portfolio of thousands of units and owns his own portfolio of over 100 properties.

Wolfe Landau

Wolfe Landau has been in the real estate business for over fifteen years. He started by purchasing properties in the Brooklyn area that he knew well, negotiating his own mortgages with the bank. Realizing the disconnect between the banks and the owners, Mr. Landau opened his own mortgage company in 1997 named Quality Funding LLC, which has negotiated more than $1.5 billion of commercial real estate mortgages. Through his experience as an investor and broker, he understands both ends of the spectrum – the owners needs & the banks’ perspective.

Mr. Landau built his portfolio by purchasing properties only in neighborhoods that he intuited had potential for positive cash flow. Even if at the time of purchase that building was not performing well, Mr. Landau purchased it with the vision of the potential rents that he felt he would be able to get soon. Over the years, Mr. Landau increased every one of his building’s cash flow at least two-fold. In addition to his real estate success Mr. Landau is a very well respected member of the Williamsburg Community. He is an executive board founding member of the Central United Talmudical Academy (CUTA), an organization that currently schools over 15,000 children. Mr. Landau was personally involved in the purchasing, financing and construction of the most recent school buildings that went up in the last decade.

Shulem Kessler

Born and raised in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Shulem Kessler studied architecture at the Institute for Design and Construction in Downtown Brooklyn, receiving his LEED AP license. He has been in professional practice since 2010. Kessler’s most notable building design projects include a number of striking conversions from industrial or commercial buildings into high-end, luxury residential buildings. Among them are 100 Dupont Street, 74 Maujer Street, 17 Monitor Street and 1 Duffield Street. 321 Wythe Ave, our most anticipated project to date, has beautiful architecture details and full amenity space for the tenants use.